Thursday, September 15, 2016

So she creeps...

We all know that Nora is Evie's shadow. Good thing she's an adorable little creeper. Here's some legit proof...

FYI. She's not in dance. 

She got a wee bit of a shove from her sis in this pic.

If I'm not looking, you can't see me. 

One of my personal favorites is the good old "sign hiding" trick.

Last but not least, she's also loves to cuddle with her.

She might always be a couple of steps behind but it's obvious she looks up to her big sis. Good thing Evie handles it like a champ!

She adores her sweet Evie!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Back to School: 2016

Evie just began her 2016-2017 school as a second time pre-schooler. 

Although Evie is 5 years old, Aaron and I made the decision to redshirt her this year so she will be the oldest in her grade versus the youngest. Those summer birthdays are tough! It was a somewhat easy decision but it was filled with lots of mom guilt. Evie is ready to go but we know long-term this is within her best interest. And, sending a 17 year old off to college freaks me out a bit. In our eyes, we get one more year of her childhood. 

Evie, on the other hand, was not so happy. She bases her age off of her height and we all know she's a tall one! She always asks us why she's with the little kids. My response, "Sweetie, they are your age. You can just reach things a bit easier right now." Many of her friends began kindergarten this year too but she is adjusting very well to her Kinderstart program. When I picked up this little lady yesterday, she was very excited to tell me that she was the "Star of the Day." Oh the little things that makes a kiddos day.  Makes me smile. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summer 2016 captured in pics; Part 1

We have been enjoying every moment of our summer. Here are some pics from May & June 

Full of fun at Valleyfair, fishing and golf!

Friday, August 26, 2016

And just like that, I'm back and Evie's 5!

That's right folks, my firstborn is 5 years old! Time has flown by. I feel like I was just at the hospital watching Bachelor Pad's synchronized swimming episode and savoring every spoonful of beef broth since I was starving. Pitosin induced contractions every 60 seconds for hours sent me into a drugged up, sleepless hot mess but it was all worth it!

Anyway, Ms. Evie Mae is pumped to be the big 5 but is not so pumped that mom and dad are waiting another year to send her to kindergarten. That's right. She's getting redshirted for one more year. More on that in another post. (Insert mom guilt).

Here are some updates on our Evie. 

Height: Tall, like as tall as a 7-8 year old. I was actually just asked tonight if she was going into the 2nd grade. Nope Pre-K!  I'm hoping for an arranged marriage with her buddy, Cole, since he's taller than her and as sweet as can be. 😍

Weight: 43 lbs. She's one string bean!

Favorite Song: X & O's. Maybe not the most kid appropriate but she loves it. 

Activities: Dance and Gymastics. She informed her daddy that she will NOT play hockey. 

Personality: Sweet, persistent and talkative. Always wants to go, go, go. Just ask her Aunt Amy. 👍  If she's comfortable with you she's outgoing and talkative. If she's in a group setting with kids she doesn't know as well she's quiet and reserved. And I'm happy to say she's respectful and has good manners. 

Best buddies: Deacon. They act like siblings. Her cousins are all loved dearly by her. She also enjoys spending time with her friends; especially, Zoey, Brooklynn, Alexa, Aria and Owen. Oh and her little shadow, Nora. 

We were busy ringing in her birthday. She had a birthday party at Flyaways Gymnastics Center (almost a mom fail since it was so last minute) and headed to American Girl for her birthday present and lunch while catching some rides beforehand. We also stopped by her GiGi's for birthday cake. 

Here are some pics!

We are so proud of you and love you so much, Evie! 💕

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Eleanor's 18 months old!

We interrupt this empty, quiet blog for….a Nora update!  I will try to be better, but no promises.  I have come to terms that my blog suffers when the weather gets nice or when I get busy at work or when….kidding.  No more excuses.  Anyways…guess what?

Little Miss Eleanor Anne is 18 months old!  How the heck did that happen so fast???  And, Miss Evie Mae will be 14, I mean 4 in a couple of weeks!

Updates on Ms. Nora

Weight: Around 25 lbs.  She hasn't gained much since her 1st birthday since she does not stop moving. 

Height:  No clue.  She's shorter than her sister was at this age.

Hair color: Light brown with curls!  Boy, is it getting long.  She has quite the mullet and I cannot get myself to cut it yet.  She has been rocking the Pebbles high pony tail.

Eyes: A dark blue.

Sleep: As a newborn she was an amazing sleeper.  Then as a baby she was a horrendous sleeper.  Now as a toddler, we can't really complain. She blows kisses, walks in her room, I rock her, say a prayer and she is ready for bed. She may wake up once in the night. She goes to bed amazing in her crib and will may sleep through the night; however, recently she's been getting up super early and we are so tired that we put her in bed with us to get 2 more hours of sleep.  Desperate times calls for desperate measures. 

Food: Nora slams scrambled eggs faster than any teenage boy.  She had 4 eggs tonight, and a full bowl of watermelon. The other morning she ate over 5 eggs, meanwhile her big sis can't even finish one.  She also slams water like she's in a beer chugging contest.  She also loves almost any fruit, mac and cheese, spaghetti, and cheese. 

Personality: My little lady is no longer laid-back.  She is a typical busy toddler.  She can go from 0 to 100 in a second with her moods.  She will be angry one second and the next second giggling her head off.  She is still a wild child with no fear and mischievous. She will run, jump, climb, fall, you name it over anything.  Oh, and she is a momma's girl.  I cannot go anywhere without my shadow right behind me or crawling up me.

Movement: The kiddo has two speeds.  Sleeping or running.  I wish I had 10% of the energy she has right now.  I would for sure be able to fit in my college jeans that I cannot just let go of quite yet.  Also, she is so clumsy.  I think it is because again she has is so curious about the world and has no fear.

Words: Previously, Nora was a yeller and grunter.  Not much babbling until the last month.  And now she does not stop talking in her language.  The fluctuations of her tones are hilarious.  She truly thinks she is speaking English, and we have absolutely no idea what she is saying.  She will look at you with her expressive eyes and talk for minutes on end.  The noise volume in our household has increased drastically over the last couple of months, especially when she's playing with her sister.

She is mainly saying one words that will randomly pop out in her sentences.  Current words I can think of:
  • DADDDDYYYYYYYY All.the.time. (Although she's a momma's girl. WTH.)
  • Snack
  • More
  • Go!
  • Up
  • VVVVVV (Evie?)
  • Top (Stop)
  • Help
  • Night-night
  • Kitty
  • Belly, belly, belly
  • Buh-bye
  • WEEEEE! 
  • Mommy (Maybe once every blue moon)
  • Ball
  • Yay!
  • Shoes
  • Cheeeeeese!
  • Hi!
Oh and her first three word sentence…
  • "I want gum."  Yes, you got that right.  Thanks Evie for always asking for gum. And for gran (my mom) for pretending to give her gum.  She now thinks cheddar goldfish is gum.
Other things to note: 
  • You can ask her to throw something away and she'll do so.  
  • She does not like a dirty diaper and will let you know right away.  
  • When her sister sings, she will do the same.  But louder and with pure squeals of delight.  
  • She knows where her toys and babies are located.  
  • Loves to attempt to take on and off shoes and gets so darn angry that she cannot figure out how to put them on the right feet. 
  • She is a biter, but luckily that has chilled out lately.  
  • Now she prefers to throw objects.  Forcefully. She also loves to hit her sister when she is frustrated.  Even when poor Evie has nothing to do with her frustration.  
  • The item just mentioned also put Nora in her first time-out, which was pretty hilarious.  
  • Girlfriend loves a good pair of sunglasses.  And when her sunglasses are on, she is a diva.
Despite the information just mentioned, Nora loves her Evie. And Evie loves her Nora. Sharing?  Well that is a different story.  A skill that needs to continue to be refined. Thankfully, Ev is such a patient, caring sister. They will play for hours and sincerely enjoy each others company.  

Her personality continues to grow more each day and she is a ray of sunshine.  We all adore Nora!  


A sweet Evie update will be coming soon with her 4th birthday (insert tears here) coming up. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Home Tour-Main Floor

Welcome to our home!  We have a 2002 modified two-story, which has an open floor plan.  This is excellent for entertaining; however, we do not get to entertain as much as we'd like. 

Here is a quick glance at the main floor in our home.  Since we moved in, we have painted almost every surface of this house and recently had new carpet installed.  We are flirting with the idea of painting our trim white, getting new light fixtures, refinishing our floors in a darker stain, and updating our kitchen.  Our list is always growing...!

Formal Room

Dining Room


Family Room