Saturday, January 14, 2012

Busy Little Lady...and mommy!

This has been a chaotic week, but I had to highlight some photo's of our busy little lady today.   Momma got a new IPhone and I'm still trying to figure out everything on it.  The one thing I did figure out was my camera and I captured some cute photo's today!  

Today was E's first day of trying rice cereal.  I cannot believe she is almost 5 months old! You be the judge regarding her rice cereal or not?

 Hummm...what is this???
 Ummm...not too sure.

Mom & dad's verdict...NOT a fan!

 Obsessed with her Sophie the Giraffe. 
(Google it if you are not part of the Sophie Rage)
Lots of love for Sophie...or drool!
All bundled up to go to grandma's!

I live for the weekends now.  It is really tough working full-time with a little peanut.  I know so many of my girlfriends feel the same.  You feel as if you are missing out on some of your little one's first. I am happy that E and I had some good bonding time today.  It makes everything so much better!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to blogging...

I am currently working on a work project until mid-February that is consuming my time & also got one bad cold so that is why I have been slacking on my blog.  More updates to follow soon!

Many of you have asked who or how we create our video's.  You can thank my creative husband.  He creates the videos on IMovie on our Mac.  I have no idea how to do it, but supposedly it is pretty easy.  Here is another video I promised my family members that I would share...

The first couple of minutes is the "All I want for Christmas" clip of Evie but afterwards you will see tons of fun footage all of our Christmas gatherings we attended with Evie...including Deacon trying to slap E.  :)  Good thing Amy is quick!  They actually adore each other...


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lets get ready to....bumbo!

Evie is growing up fast, almost too fast! Tonight she surprised us by chilling in her bumbo seat.  She also played in her activity set for awhile.  

Everything has been going in her mouth lately.  Can you say "teething?!?"  She has been bib-bound all week. Her torso and head control are great now too!

Here are more recent pics of our little peanut...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To good to be true...

Our little one that decided to stay up and party all night long last night has been sleeping for the last 3 + hours! Whoo hoo!  

This is a huge accomplishment considering the last 3 nights of complete baby insomnia, which leads to momma operating as a zombie.  I wish I could follow her steps and go to bed myself, but unfortunately I have a work deadline I have to meet by midnight. I am ALMOST done and off to catch some Zzzz's myself!  I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that when I go to bed shortly that she stays asleep and doesn't decide that it is now rise and shine time.

I want to share a picture of Evie (in her awesome Halo sleep sack) partying before bed.  Take a look at Evie's face and Stanley's reaction.  

Yes, folks this is what bedtime looks like at our household.

Sleep is for the weak..

So our little one thinks sleep is for the weak.  As I type this post, she is wide awake and ready to conquer the world. She has decided the last 2-3 nights to wake up every 1-2 hours and give her momma and daddy a run for their money.  Good thing I am a night owl, but even I have a hard time keeping up with this little munchkin.  

According to Dr. Google, Evie is in the midst of what is called the dreaded "4 month wake." I guess this is one of the tougher growth spurts. Apparently her brain is on overload and everything is just so neat to her right now that sleep is just not necessary in her eyes.  She is now so much more aware of her surroundings and gets distracted so easily. As a result, she has been more fussy but at the same time it's fun to see her grow up so much.  

Hopefully, she will be back to her normal sleep schedule soon!  Caffeine will be needed tomorrow that is for sure.

Good thing she is so stinken cute...

Good night world...well hopefully I can say that soon!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A look back...

My sister-in-law, Kristi (, did a great post on her blog to summarize 2011 and I am going to follow suit.  A look back at 2011 brings tons of happy tears to the Forsythe family. 2011 was the year of hope, love, and many blessings. 

January: We kicked off the 2011 New Year with the Forsythe family over at our house.  Deacon was only a month old and it was great to ring in 2011 with our family.
 Deacon celebrating with us on New Years 2011!

February: We had the opportunity to share with our family & friends that little Baby Forsythe was on his/her way. We waited until I was around 13 weeks pregnant to share the surprising yet exciting news!  Kyle, my brother-in-law, also turned the big 3-0!
 We surprised the Forsythe family by telling them we wanted a family photo.  Then Aaron said, "On the count of 3 everyone say Chrissy is 13 weeks pregnant!"  

We surprised the Green/Hagel side of the family by having them open up gifts with bibs inside.

April: Our 20 week ultrasound showed a beautiful, healthy little baby. We decided to not find out the gender of our little one. That was more tough on our family members and friends versus A & I.

May: Mr. & Mrs. Mahn tied the knot!  My brother-in-law & sister-in-law got married and it was absolutely gorgeous and love was definitely in the air!  Kristi & Sam complete each other and together are the perfect couple.  My stepfather turned the big 5-0 this month too!
Such a beautiful wedding!

July: Baby shower galore!  Thank you so much for showering us with gifts & love for our new bundle of joy!

August:  Hands down, the best MONTH of our life! God blessed us with a beautiful, healthy girl.  Evelyn Mae made her appearance on August 23, 2011.  We did not know if our little one was a girl or boy and it was SO much fun to find out that day!  A & I also celebrated our 5th Anniversary. So, did my mom & Don!
Evelyn Mae 
Born at 9:45 a.m. on August 23, 2011
8 lbs, 20.5 inches

September:  This was a challenging and tough month. We were sleep-deprived and trying to figure out how our little newborn worked. Too bad they do not come with manuals.  This was also the month of a huge scare and blessing.  My mother-in-law was hospitalized with sepsis and was not in the best shape.  God again blessed us with an amazing miracle, and we are excited to report that Kari is happy and healthy!  A also turned the big 3-0 this month.

October: Mr. & Mrs. Beussman tied the knot!  Cathy & Ryan were married on a beautiful, sunny day in October.  Perfect weather for the perfect couple.  Cathy & Ryan are the fabulous match and it was great to celebrate with them.
What a fantastic wedding!

December: Happy birthday to our nephew, Deacon!  He turned 1 on December 2nd!  I cannot believe how fast that year went by and he is such a character.  He is going to be one heart breaker..such a handsome little man!  This was also Evie's first Christmas!
Deacon enjoying his birthday cake! Take a look above to see how much this little man has grown!

 Family photo at the downtown Macy's Christmas display!

 She's a chatty little lady!

Take a look at A's holiday video he made for our family members and friends to watch...

So much to be thankful for last year, and I know that 2012 will bring so many more wonderful memories for the Forsythe family as we watch our little lady grow.

Such Stories to Tell...

As stated in my previous post my little mini-me's video was the inspiration for my blog title.  Caution: You will smile and laugh if you watch this video...