Saturday, May 12, 2012

Looking back...

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. This day used to cause me so much pain and anxiety but this year the tables have turned. Looking back makes me really emotional. For anyone experiencing infertility this is one of the most dreaded holidays. I remember not wanting to leave the house knowing I would be exposed to so many families and that it would remind me how I desperately wanted one of my own.

I remember in...
2009: I felt frustration in not knowing what was going on with my body.
2010: I was depressed, angry, numb & so much more. You name it, I felt it. It was tough.
2011: I was so excited and eager to meet little baby Forsythe.
2012: I feel blessed beyond words. Every single day I stare at Evie and know she is such a miracle.

For anyone reading this that is experiencing infertility my thoughts and prayers are you with tomorrow. I hope and pray that you will soon have your own little one.

Remember miracles happen and they happen when you are least expecting them. The power of prayer is amazing and God is good!!!

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  1. Evie was SO precious yesterday! So glad she is here and apart of our family :)