Sunday, February 8, 2015

#100HappyDays #Day11

This little babes is getting more and more adorable each passing day. 

Her giggle is to die for and her toothy smile is just as stinken cute. She's now intentionally trying to say more words. Her current vocab includes: nom-nom for food (shocker, I know) mam for mom, dada, and dog-dog for Stanley. She's also loves to say, "Yaaaaaaay," while clapping her hands. 

This kid will also fall flat on her face and not make a peep. She's known to scale chairs, toys, and anything else in her path. This little lady will definitely give me a heart attack at some point. 

She's squeezable, kissable, and our little Nora-Bora.  How the heck is she one already?!?

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