Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sleep is for the weak..

So our little one thinks sleep is for the weak.  As I type this post, she is wide awake and ready to conquer the world. She has decided the last 2-3 nights to wake up every 1-2 hours and give her momma and daddy a run for their money.  Good thing I am a night owl, but even I have a hard time keeping up with this little munchkin.  

According to Dr. Google, Evie is in the midst of what is called the dreaded "4 month wake." I guess this is one of the tougher growth spurts. Apparently her brain is on overload and everything is just so neat to her right now that sleep is just not necessary in her eyes.  She is now so much more aware of her surroundings and gets distracted so easily. As a result, she has been more fussy but at the same time it's fun to see her grow up so much.  

Hopefully, she will be back to her normal sleep schedule soon!  Caffeine will be needed tomorrow that is for sure.

Good thing she is so stinken cute...

Good night world...well hopefully I can say that soon!

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