Friday, December 21, 2012

#26Acts of Kindness

#26Acts of Kindness

The weeks leading up to this holiday season have been a bit emotional in our house. On top of personal life and work stress, Evie got sick with RSV and was almost hospitalized and then the awful tragedy in Connecticut occurred.

Last Friday an indescribable sadness overwhelmed my entire body when I found out the horrific news of the children, teachers, and staff that lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain that their loved ones are experiencing.  They have been in my thoughts and prayers every. single. day.

I have been in a really bah-hum-bug mood as of late.  It is hard not to be when all of this is happening around us.  Prior to hearing about Ann Curry’s #26Acts of Kindness, I decided to commit myself to do one act of kindness every day until Christmas.  When I mentioned this to a co-worker she mentioned #26Acts of Kindness.  I wanted to also commit to one act of kindness for every child and adult that lost their life last week.

I am going to keep track of my journey on my blog. 1) To keep myself accountable to reach my goal. 2) To hopefully spread the cheer and have you join me or help me think of ideas.

This week has been a busy one, but I am excited to report that my bah-hum-bug mood is slowly vanishing.  

Here is a quick snapshot…

·       Monday, December 17: Donated to the Salvation Army Bell Ringer that looked like she was freezing!

·       Tuesday, December 18: Evie picked out a tea-cup set to give to Toys for Tots. (Actually, she really wanted to play with it, so I knew a little girl her age would LOVE it!)

·       Wednesday, December 19: While I was waiting in line at Caribou, I glanced in my rear-view window.  I noticed a gentleman bobbing his head and dancing a bit to the music.  The BEST part…he was wearing a Santa hat.  So, I decided to buy Santa his drink…to come and find out he had 2 drinks and food.  Still fun!

·       Thursday, December 20: I dropped off clothing to a family in need at my aunt’s house. My sister’s good friend is struggling right now to provide for her family, so I suggested to my Dad’s side of the family that we sponsor their 3 children over the holiday season.  My family showed up in a BIG way.  We gathered over 30 gifts and my sister is delivering them this weekend.

·        Friday, December 21: Sending a Christmas card with a donation to a pastor and his family in Wisconsin that are really struggling.  My aunt in passing just mentioned what a beautiful, giving family they are and I responded with a request for their address.


My husband last night praised me for what I am doing, but also mentioned that he was a bit nervous of what our bank account was going to look like by the end of this.  I know that all of my acts of kindness so far have been monetary donations, but I am also planning on getting creative.  Help me think of other ideas!!!

Friends, join me!  Commit 1 act of kindness or 26!  It is so much fun seeing a stranger smile and look surprised.  It is also a wonderful way to pay tribute to those who lost their life.

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