Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm back!!!

Catching up with Life...

I know this is a common theme for me to say, but boy have I been busy!  I don't know how people do it all.  Every morning I wake up and I feel as if I am in the amazing race.  Every night I collapse from exhaustion.  Trying to juggle work, parenting, the house, friendships, hobbies, being a landlord, adjunct teaching, and attempting a social life is so challenging. Oh yeah, and this winter I decided to enroll in a Masters Certificate program.  What was I thinking?

BUT---I really want to stay committed to blogging.  I enjoy reading my friends and sister-in-law blogs so much.  I think it is a great way to journal our crazy life. 

So here are many over-due updates...

  • 16 months old!
  • She is a string bean. Big bobble-head, 33.5 inches long, and now 22.7 lbs.  She recently lost a little bit of weight due to a not-so-fun battle with RSV.
  • Walking, running, climbing.  She just doesn't stop.
  • Talks all the time in a language that we can yet understand. Full sentences in some strang language...
  • Says momma, dada, dog-dog, go, All done, What's that, and more.
  • Understands simple commands.  Go get your paci. Where is your drink? Want to go to bed? Where is your baby? etc.
  • Best friends: Cousin Deacon, Dog-dog (Stanley), and Zoey (daycare friend).
  • She is a girly-girl to the max! Loves playing with her dolls, purse, wallets, make-up, jewelry, hair clips, etc.
  • Personality: Animated, sweet yet sassy, independent, busy, talkative, and stubborn.
  • Chaotic! Our department of 7 has been operating with 4.  Tons of over-time, working weekends, etc.  After the new year we will be at a full-staffing model. Thank goodness.
  • Still lifelong landlords.  Our property is currently open again for new tenants.
  • Aaron is a busy man. Hockey season is in full swing!
  • Basement is almost finished!  Yippie! Thanks to my mother-in-law and father-in-law!
  • 2012 has been a tough year in more ways than one.  Looking forward to a NEW year!  Bring on 2013!
  • IM GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE....x 2!  My sister, Cathy, is due in March with a little boy and my sister-in-law, Kristi, is due in June! Can't wait to find out if it is a little boy or girl!
And here are some pics from the last 3 months...




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