Friday, January 2, 2015

Forsythe Comfy Christmas 2014

Welcome to the Forsythe Comfy Christmas!  

We decided to have a more casual, comfortable, and laid-back holiday versus all of the hustle and bustle, along with stress it can bring.  The girls wore their jammies all day on Christmas. I declared that here on out we will always have a Comfy Christmas!

One of the reasons it was a bit more mellow this year was due to little Nora coming down with RSV three days before Christmas.  RSV is not fun for little ones. Her immune system fought off the upper respiratory part of it pretty well, but it would not kick the congestion.  She had a left ear infection that cleared up, then a right ear infection, and now a double within the last 12 days.  Tubes may be in our future. One allergic reaction, five doctors visits, three pharmacist consultations, two nurse line conversations, and three medications later we have our fingers crossed she is on the mend.  Throughout it all, she has been such a sweet, happy girl.

Evie had a blast this Christmas.  She has asked when Santa will be back and so concerned that the Christmas section of Target is no longer there.  Ha!  She was showered with love from her grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, and daycare providers.  She is an awesome playmate for her sister. Little does she know we still have one more Christmas to celebrate with my side of the family!

Here are some photo randoms:

 Nora and I stayed home from the Forsythe Christmas due to both of us being under the weather, but Aaron FaceTimed so I could see the kids open up their presents.  

Christmas morning was a blast, as usual.  The kiddos even slept until 9 am!  I was so surprised how much Nora enjoyed opening her presents!

We went to my mom's Christmas morning, and afterwards we headed over to my grandma's to hang out.  The girls had a blast playing with Rocky, my grandma's dog.  Nora was also obsessed with eating the pine needles.  

We hope you had a wonderful, blessed holiday!

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