Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nora's One!

Happiest birthday to my sweet Nora. I am still in denial that you are now one. I'm so excited to continue to see you grow and your personality blossom, but in the same sense, I absolutely adored your year as a baby.

You're funny, sweet, rambunctious, independent and so darn lovable. Always smiling, even when you're tired or sick. And the thumb. Yes, you are quite the thumb sucker. It's cute for now but I'm not too sure how we can stop it. And you won't stop moving. You've been rolling around beginning at 3 months and now a crawling/couch surfing machine. Soon I'm sure you will be walking. 

And one last thing, your giggle is absolutely adorable and contagious. Your sister can make you laugh just by talking or smiling at you. And when you laugh, she laughs...and mom and dad melt. 

Dearest Eleanor Anne, Nora, Nora-Bora, Ella-Bella and I'm sure many other names ...we absolutely are smitten with you and love you to pieces!
Almost 1!

Nora on the day she was born.  My has she grown!

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