Friday, May 9, 2014

Blog Challenge #2: Your favorite quote

I love quotes, and I love to make up my own quotes...& words....& random phrases. During specific times in my life, I have heavily relied on quotes to get me through the day. 
The years of 2008-2010 and also in 2012, were personally very challenging for me.  My husband and I were experiencing infertility issues with trying to get pregnant with #1 and again with #2. It stunk, big time. Here are particular quotes that helped me through this time.
Not only does this particular quote speak to me when I struggle with infertility, it also speaks to me while I am interacting with others on a daily basis.  It reminds me to take a step back and try not to judge others so quickly.


How true is this quote? 

Our babies are our miracles.  Seriously.  We were just about to throw in the towel with trying to get pregnant with both of them, and BAAAAAM!  Our prayers were answered and miracles happened.  Did you know my doc's name is Dr. Mericle???  :)

Here are my mom/kiddo quotes.

This cracks me up. Silence with a toddler, especially our animated, sassy Evie, is non-existent.

Let's go with the toddler theme here.  I often reflect how I handle situations with Evie and immediately feel like I failed.  Perhaps I was too hard on her, lost my cool, and so on.  Reflecting back to the situation helps me identify what I can do when it happens again, but let's face little girl still (luckily) adores me.
I am not a perfect momma at all.  I do and say things that I immediately regret, or I don't do and say things that I should have made sure to say from a positive reinforcement perspective.  The good news is that I have two amazing little girls.  A toddler that is sweet and respectful...and sassy.  Did I mention sassy?  :)  And a 3 month old baby that is sleeping through the night and rarely cries. Well, maybe she is just low-key but I hope that I am doing something right here.
Here are my work-related quotes that I enjoy.
I manage a team of 8 and honestly can say I have the best team in the world. A healthy team dynamic creates happiness and fosters success. 

It's important to remember in my line of work, that it might be the 1,000th time we are asked that question, but our clients first time.  We often judge before truly understanding their personal story.
This is a quote that is up in my office. 
Daily life reminders...
Love my random facts!


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