Sunday, May 4, 2014

Blog Challenge #1: 20 Facts about you

I am a week late starting my blog challenge. Whoops!  It's crazy how fast the weeks go by with work and the kiddos. So, here we go...

20 Facts about you

  1. I am a perfectionist.  To a fault.  Maybe particular is a better word.
  2. I love NYC. Obsessed would be the better word.  I would love to be a real estate agent to see all of the amazing properties.
  3. Ice cream is my best friend.  We have a love/hate relationship at the moment due to Nora's sensitivity to dairy.
  4. Real Housewives addiction is real.  Anything reality is actually my cup of tea.
  5. Scared to death to swim in the ocean.  Maybe I watched too much Jaws growing up.
  6. Speaking of scared to death, tornado's and storms freak me out.
  7. My girls are my world.  If I have the opportunity to grab happy hour with friends or grab a cupcake/playdate with my little ones...I would choose my girls.
  8. Not a risk-taker.  I wish I had more of a daring side but I will always play it safe.
  9. I research, research, research things to a fault. 
  10. Dr. Google is my best friend and also my worst enemy.  He sometimes makes me a bit edgy with scary medical diagnosis until my doc puts me in check.
  11. I am a big believer in alternative medicines.
  12. Germ-a-phobe here!  This has flared up most recently with a newborn.  Why does every stranger want to grab her little hands that she always puts in her mouth?!? 
  13. I am known to have over a 1,000 pictures on my IPhone...of my kids.  :)
  14. Decorating my home is my past-time.  Just recently completed Nora's room.
  15. I have the best daycare in the world.  We couldn't be more blessed. Michele, Denise, and Nana Kari take such great care of my girls. It makes leaving them during the week so much more bearable.
  16. I am a work-a-holic.  This is not a fun one to write.  I need to find more balance.
  17. Shopping is another hobby.  Evie always asks when we are going to Target.  Ha!  Nana Kari is guilty of this one too!  Ev always asks if she can shop with her too.
  18. I live for vacations.  In-state or out-of-state.
  19. My husband is my role-model.  His strength, persistence, patience, and work ethic is amazing.
  20. Stan is still my other man! The poor pup has had so many changes over the past couple of years with the kiddo's arriving.
That was tough! I probably could think of more interesting facts, but I am too tired.  Maybe this post will be continued at a later date with more fun facts to highlight.

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