Thursday, April 5, 2012


Last week was a tough week.  Ms E got her first ear infection, which explains her fussy butt, and my sweet grandpa was admitted into the hospital.

It has been a rough week for good ol' gramps.  But, let me tell you my grandpa must have super powers for everything he has dealt with regarding his health. 

We had the opportunity to stop by the hospital last Thursday to see my grandpa.  Grandpa really struggles with his memory right now, and gets confused and frustrated very easily.    Well, last Thursday was a really good night for him.  I honestly think it is the first time that he actually realized he had a great-granddaughter.  He was happy to see Aaron and I, but boy was he so excited to see Evie. 

As soon as we reminded grandpa that Evelyn was his great-granddaughter he became really emotional.  The moment was so pure and sweet.  He reached for Evie from his hospital bed and wanted to hold her.  I was a little nervous since E LOVES to pull and grab anything right now and grandpa was pretty weak.  Imagine the fun she could have with the IV's and oxygen, but she was so calm and just melted into his arms.  Grandpa held her in the hospital bed with tears in his eyes, joy in his voice, and love in his heart.  He was so, so, so proud. There was not really a dry eye in the hospital room.  Such an amazing moment that we got to capture on camera.   She snuggled with him for well over 15-20 minutes (which is amazing) while grandpa got to kiss her and talk to her.  I feel SO blessed and thankful to have shared that moment with them.  Grandpa kept telling Aaron and I, "She's so beautiful" and "She's a keeper." 
Grandpa cuddling with Ev

We stopped by again on Sunday, and grandpa was really tired and his memory was not the best that day.  But, again he was thrilled to see Evie.  I brought grandpa a picture of Evie for the hospital room.  A gentle reminder of who Evie was and also a picture to show off to the nurses.  Here is the photo...

Evie at 6 1/2 months

Grandpa was released from the hospital today.  I pray for him to regain his strength and health while he is resting at home.

Someone I cannot forget to mention in my post is my grandma.  Evie adores her great-grandma.  She sings a fun song called something like...."doot, doody, doot..."  Well, actually I think my grandma made that special song for Evie, but she loooooves it!  This may give her the future name of great-grandma doot-doot.  :) 
Bonding at Christmas

My grandma is my grandpa's caretaker, nurse, wife, best-friend, and so much more.  This is not easy at all and is really hard and stressful.  I just admire her strength, faith, and love.  I think often times we focus our concern on the individual going through the tough time, and forget about their family also experiencing the situation. Well grandma...I love you, admire you, adore you, and you are AMAZING!  I also know that your children & grandchildren love you, admire you, adore you, and also think you are AMAZING!  Evie loves her great-grandma doot-doot.  We all appreciate everything you do for grandpa and our family. You are our superwoman, and we are all here for you!

At Evie's Baptism

We love you grandpa and grandma so much! xo

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