Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Time is flying by!

Again, no excuses on the delayed update to my blog.  I have been meaning to update it, but find myself always getting distracted.  Once I get home from work at night my attention is 100% devoted to the couple of hours  (if that) I get to spend with Evie before she goes to bed.  That has been really hard for me lately, but I am trying to focus on the positive. However, I can't lie...it is tough and sucks.  My little one is growing up so fast and I do not want to miss out on anything.

My sweet, feisty little munchkin is 7 months old!!! She LOVES to eat her toes, watch Baby Einstein, go in the swing, grab your face while squealing loudly, play in her rock n' roll station, and take baths.  She thinks sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots, and pears are yummo!   She is playful, talkative, and a wee bit of a drama queen!  I think her daycare provider said it best when she said something like..."Most of Evie's days are really good, but if she is having a bad day...it is ALL day."  OHHHH yikes...we are going to have our hands full.

Evie and Deacon recently had a couple of sessions of pictures together with Amanda Jean Photography.  For anyone out there looking to get professional pictures of your children, family, or any other special event call Amanda.  She is so sweet and passionate about her work.

Here is a sneak peek...

I will be posting more pictures soon!

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