Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A dose of cuteness mixed with new friendship and memories

This weekend we had a birthday party near Albertville and stopped by the outlet afterwards. Evie is on a dress kick and growing like a weed, so off to Gymboree we went!

Evie met a new friend at Gymboree named Kara and they were running around just owning the place. It appeared as if Kara had Downs Syndrome but the beautiful thing about their interaction was that it did not matter one bit. They were giggling and chatting like old friends. They had the same taste in dresses and wore the same size. They were comparing dresses and Kara even helped us pick one out and we even found Kara a new dress. They ended up getting matching striped blue dresses. 

At the end of our shopping excursion, Kara and Evie decided they wanted to help check-out. The most patient, kind and motherly women behind the counter let them exactly do that. Which made the girls day! Literally, Evie had the complete sales associate experience.  She got to scan her clothes, press buttons on the computer, and take a penny out of the cash register. Luckily, we were the only ones in the store; otherwise, we would have caused a very long line.

Although our experience was only around 15 minutes long with energetic Kara and the amazing sales associates, it made a lasting memory with us. Fast friendships can happen when you are not expecting it.  

Oh and by the way...Evie now thinks she can check us out at every store and looks for Kara each time. We have to remind her that she is a Gymboree designated employee and hopefully some day our paths will cross with Kara's again. 

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