Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A few of my favorite things...

I am a lover of life and all of the things list below.  

As previously noted, I love coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee. It helps me live right now.  Sounds dramatic, right?  Seriously. I have interrupted sleep every night and wake around 5-6 times right now, like many other parents out there.  This too shall pass, right?  

Warm drink: White Chocolate Mocha with Soy

Cold drink: White Chocolate Cold Press

I also had a moment of silence tonight.  My beloved Starburst Jelly Bean season has now passed.  YUMMMMMM.

I also love Bravo.  Not like clapping at a show, like the cable channel.  I love probably every single show, but especially my friends listed below.  I am on a first name basis with all of them.

Burning candles makes me relax, while also making my house smell good.  I am a huge fan of the three wick candles at Bath & Body, but recently was introduced to the WoodWick Trilogy candle from my coworkers.  It actually sounds as if it is a crackling fire and smells amazing.  Love!

With 2 children, it is impossible to keep a clean house. Therefore, Ruby is our maid. Ruby the Roomba does an awesome job vacuuming the carpet and cleaning the hardwood floors.  However, she scares the crap out of Nora and Stan.  They move quick when Ruby is near.

Primp is my go-to boutique for clothing.  I love everything about this store.  So welcoming, affordable, and unique.

I love my comfortable, loose long sleeved shirts from Primp.  They are cute dressed up or down and hide my mom weight pretty decent. 

I also love this MN necklace from Primp.  My coworker had one on and I had to get one.  It is great with any outfit.

Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater is one of our favorite places to go in the summertime.  It's the perfect park for the kiddo's and mom/dad get to visit downtown Stillwater afterwards.  Win for all!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a complete germ-a-phobe.  Thanks to my family doctor, she introduced my family and I to probiotics.  It helps keep us all healthy. I should also post of pic of my favorite hand sanitizer. Kidding...kind-of. 

Here are the girls probiotics that we rotate.

And here is the adult form...

Baby monitor's are our best friend.  It's our extra set of eyes.

Last but not least, as previously mentioned, I like to go, go, go. Having two girls does not stop me; therefore, we had to invest in a nice, versatile double stroller.  They can face each other, have their backs to each other, or look forward.  You can pop one off if you just have one kiddo with you too!

I hope you enjoyed my list!

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