Thursday, April 16, 2015

Baby/Toddler Must Haves...

So I am in the midst of toddler-hood with my 2nd right now.  It is amazing what you might love for one kiddo, but then it does not do the trick for the next.  Most of these are baby items but here are the consistent items that I think are must have's for a baby/toddler.

First & foremost, I love our baby monitor.  It is critical for my sanity.  It also helps me know when I really actually need to go into the bedroom or not.  We still have one in Evie's room since she can be a sneaky escape artist.

I absolutely adore our co-sleeper for both of the girls.  It is a safe way to co-sleep.  And when your little one is cluster feeding at night, it helps everyone get a bit more sleep.  My girls both slept in this for around the first 4-5 months of their lives.

Next on the list is the rock n' play.  Great for naps or just a baby hammock to move around the house.  This is awesome when your little one is congested.

Speaking of congested, here is a fan favorite. Step right up...and suck up the snot from your kiddo's nose.  Appealing, right??? I promise it does not get into your mouth.  :)  Nora suffered from constant ear infections and runny noses, and this is such a help.  It looks so gross, I know, but it is amazing how much relief it brings your little one.
Speaking of congestion, I love a good cool mist humidifier in the girls bedroom.

Continuing with the congestion theme (and reflux), is an awesome wedge to put under the mattress to help elevate your baby's head.

When my girls sleep, they love this white noise machine.

Both of my girls have sensitive skin, and this product from Aveeno is amazing. 

We are also a huge fan of aquaphor in this house.

We love baby carriers.  It is so great when you are out and about with a fussy baby or if you are trying to multitask. Look how chunky Nora was (and still kind-of is)!

Rubber ducky bath's are our friend at bath time when they just start sitting up on their own and do not have the best balance.

The Gro Egg is an awesome little temperature monitor for your baby's room.  It changes color if it is too hot or too cold.

A good double post here of our little Nora.  A light multi-purpose blanket that you can use for swaddling is awesome.  Also, as a nursing mom, I love my boppy.

Last but not least, it is critical for us to have a good double stroller.  We actually have two of them right now used for different things.
This is our go-to stroller.

However, this is our Baby Trend sit and stand.  You can remove the green insert and it is a bench for Evie.  If you take our the carseat, you will have a normal forward facing seat for your baby.

My list is long and pretty practical.  I could go on and on, but will stop here.  

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  1. You've got me putting a few things on the "need to buy" list!