Monday, April 20, 2015

A trip around town...

Welcome to Forest Lake, MN!  

My halfway point to Duluth.  Now let me explain.  As a little girl, we frequently went up to Duluth to visit family.  Growing up in Shakopee, I always was excited when we passed Forest Lake on 35 since I considered it "almost" to Duluth.  Ha!  Little did I know, my prince charming resided here.

I have called Forest Lake (aka FLake) officially my home since 2010.  Aaron has called it his home for the majority of his life. We are also very blessed to have family still in town. Prior to purchasing our home in Forest Lake, we resided in Hugo for 4 years.  We technically still reside in Hugo since we are life-long landlords to the town home I purchased in 2006...or until the market flips back.  

Here are some pictures for those of you who call Forest Lake your half-way point to Duluth or just have not been fortunate enough to visit.  :)

One of our favorite spots in the summertime.  Arts in the Park is a local festival every Tuesday night, which has bands, food, and local vendors.

The high school is under a mile away from our house.  Aaron works here, and let me tell you he has a stressful commute.

Big Marine Park is an awesome, serene place to bring the kiddo's.  There is a "big" kids park, along with a little kid's area.  And yes, Evie just went down that enormous slide.

A view of Forest Lake
And Ev wanted to make sure I added this last picture.  She is mildly obsessed with Big Apple Bagel.  :)

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