Thursday, April 2, 2015


I am a 30-something mother, wife, and worker-bee living a life that can sometimes feel like the amazing race. Most parents can likely relate.  With 2 little ones at home, life sure is fun but also very chaotic and busy! 

I am an Employment Counselor in the Work Comp field and also teach online adjunct instruction on the side.  Over the last year, I made a leap of faith and left my full-time employment of 9+ years.  I made a conscious decision to find employment with more work/life balance, along with much less stress. I am happy to report, I am well on my way to finding that balance and no longer beyond stressed out.  My new employer offers balance and flexibility, which was exactly what I was looking for.  Also, it doesn't hurt that I work with a fun and fabulous group of women.

Since the recent passing of my grandpa, I have really focused on staying present and making new memories with my family. I have an amazing husband that is grounded, loving, and puts up with me. :)  I also have 2 little girls, Evie ( 3 1/2) and Nora (14 months), along with our man Stan (10 year old pup). 

I love to go-go-go! I am not one to stay seated for too long. I enjoy exploring a new town on the weekends, grabbing coffee with friends (I live off of coffee these days), going to sporting events, researching nearest fairs/festivals, and of course shopping. Thankfully, I have the best shopping partner... my mini-me Evie.  I am a lover of reality TV, which my husband absolutely despises.  When time permits, I like to decorate and create new projects. I love to seek out local furniture repurposing stores/occasional shops; however, I am currently banned from buying anything by my lovely husband.  He said he will throw out the next piece of distressed furniture that makes its entry into our home.  :/  Little things make me happy, like a White Chocolate Cold Press, Starburst Jelly Beans, pedicure, and a good pair of black leggings.

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