Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Home Tour- Exterior

Aaron & I purchased our home in February of 2010. It's crazy how 5 years have flown by! We have done quite a bit of work within the interior and still have a wish list a mile long for our exterior projects...and now our interior again. 

It's spring time and our yard is still a work in progress but here are a few pictures of our home. 

Front of the house 

We have have painted the porch, removed trees, had a new roof, and installed a new front door.  Next on the list is to change out the light fixtures and update our round columns into square columns. The rocket ship window above our front door sets up apart from others in the neighborhood.  :/ You should see it lit up at night. Blast off!  Can you tell that I am not too fond of it???

This is a picture taken from a couple of years ago because when I attempted to take a picture this evening...well, this happened.
Talk about a photo bomb!  Thanks Stan!

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  1. hahaha STAN!!! love it. Also.. I NEVER even noticed the rocket ship windows!!.. I'll have to do a drive by some night haha.