Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Blog Challenge

My sister-in-law, Kristi, is an avid blogger. Check out her blog "As Iron Sharpens Iron" at She is also an inspiration for me to continue to stay focused to update my blog. She has decided to conduct a Blog Challenge for the month of April, and I am going to try to keep up with her. She did all of the work and identified topics to discuss, either from other blogs or came up with the ideas herself.  Thanks Kristi!   Side note: I made a couple of minor edits to Kristi's list to best highlight topics for my family.

Here are the topics:

Day 1: Intro & Recent Photo
Day 2: Favorite Quote
Day 3: Meet my family
Day 4: My go-to items
Day 6: If I Won The Lottery
Day 7: Best Thing To Happen This Year
Day 8: Old Photo
Day 9: What I'm Looking Forward To
Day 10: Somewhere I'd Like to Move/ Visit
Day 11: Baby/Toddler Must Haves
Day 12: A trip around town
Day 13: Home Tour - Outside
Day 14: Home Tour - Main Floor
Day 15: Home Tour - Upstairs
Day 16: Home Tour - Basement
Day 17: Pinterest Favorites
Day 18: Letter To My Teenage Self
Day 19: Timeline of My Day
Day 20: Favorite Food
Day 21: One Confession
Day 22: Best Advice I've Ever Received
Day 23:What's next...

Keep up with the two of us this month. Here we go!!!