Thursday, April 16, 2015

Somewhere I'd love to move or visit...

I have had the opportunity to live and visit some amazing places.  Many places felt as if they were good vacation destinations, while others felt more like home.

New York, New York...oh how I love everything about you!  Granted, I know the grass is always greener on the other side (and NYC nearly has any grass), but I absolutely ADORE New York.  The hustle-bustle, go-go-go mentality, shows, shops, history, and  culture are right up my alley.  Oh...and the people-watching.  That might be the best part about New York.  Aaron and I have been there a couple of times, and my favorite thing is to hang out in the residential area's and just watch others.  Not creepy watch, more inquisitive.  :)  While I have always said, I would love to be a high-end realtor working in NYC, I know that I would likely miss my green grass and space.

The next place that Aaron and I have talked about missing quite a bit is Charleston, SC.  We lived there for about 4-5 months 10 years ago, when Aaron played for the South Carolina Stingrays.  The charm of that city is indescribable.  We lived right downtown and our evening walks consisted of walking near the ocean and spotting dolphins swimming by or window shopping in downtown Charleston.  We would love to potentially live or retire here someday, maybe have a vacation home?

(This is the apartment building we lived in.  We were facing Colonial Lake (not a lake to a traditional MN girl...more like a man made pond.)
And this was our view!  There were amazing historic homes around the lake.  I think we even have a similar picture of this up in our living room.

Now on a realistic level, if we were to move anywhere in the Twin Cities, Aaron and I absolutely love the charm of Stillwater.  We are torn if we'd want to be in the city or surrounding country, but if we were to move out of our current town, we'd likely call this place our home.

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